danseur_lion (danseur_lion) wrote,

March 2017 ~

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Mulan / She was pretty / Jessica Chastain
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Avatar / Strong woman Do Bong Soon (x2) / Ghost in the shell
RygeRBE tOddgxk nVAeU1i TZ1sg8m
Beauty and the beast / Stranger things (x2) / The americans
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Lord of the rings (x4)
lXN2BFm 3lCvI65 2Jxx6WR mGrMdjI
Lucifer (x4)
Kjw6z6e U7P8rbX Q9ObAXV h288EvS
Lucifer / Jane the virgin (x2) / Iron Fist
lY1in3w wyLo2Qb IAat5Ob CC9dRef
Iron Fist (x4)
vb2zgsS q6hGtbq uLbvdoZ NbefALK

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Tags: -actors: jessica chastain, -disney: mulan, -movies: avatar, -movies: beauty and the beast, -movies: ghost in the shell, -movies: lord of the rings, -tvshows: iron fist, -tvshows: jane the virgin, -tvshows: lucifer, -tvshows: she was pretty, -tvshows: stranger things, -tvshows: strong woman do bong soon, -tvshows: the americans

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